Is Garcinia Cambogia Extract the Real Deal?


What is Garcinia Cambogia. The name evokes images of exotic places, tropical lands, palm trees, white sand, and long days lazing in the sun. However, it’s more popularly known as a weight loss supplement. But what is it and does it work?




What Garcinia Cambogia Extract Is


Garcinia cambogia is a small fruit resembling a tiny pumpkin. It grows in the wild regions of Southeast Asia, where it’s used to add sour flavoring to food. The fruit makes you feel full, which is why scientists began studying it.


After extracting different parts of the plant, scientists discovered the key to the fruit’s ability to make you feel fuller. It has large amounts of hydroxycitric acid, which also helps you lose weight.


How Hydroxycitric Acid Works


Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) inhibits enzymes and promotes hormone production. It has therefore been called an all-natural diet pill. HCA stops fat from forming in your body by preventing citrate lyase from working. This enzyme is your body’s number one enemy in regards to fat formation — when you don’t use energy from carbohydrates, this enzyme turns them into fatty tissues. 


HCA stops this action by blocking the enzyme in your system, halting fat gain. It also helps you lower your daily calorie intake by controlling your appetite. When it works properly, you’ll feel satisfied for most of the day, so you’ll eat less.


Hydroxycitric acid


Many clinical trials that demonstrate promising results from garcinia cambogia exist. For instance, Nutrition Research published one such study, undertaken by Dr. Harry Preuss and colleagues, in its January 2004 issue (Volume 24, Issue 1, pp. 45-58).


The study involved 30 overweight men split into groups. Researchers evaluated the groups who took the highest doses of HCA and average results showed a 6.3% reduction in body weight, a 4% decrease in food intake, a 6.3% reduction in cholesterol levels, and an 8.6% reduction in triglyceride levels. As such, researchers concluded garcinia cambogia is a possible anti-obesity remedy.


While many clinical trials prove that garcinia cambogia is a promising weight loss solution, further study is still necessary to evaluate its safety and efficacy. 


If you choose a brand containing 100% natural ingredients, with at least half of it made of garcinia cambogia extract, then weight loss results can be safely achieved. As with all weight loss supplements, taking garcinia cambogia will work more effectively if you combine it with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

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