5 Incredible Benefits of Restaurant Gardens

Though a rather new and innovative idea, restaurant gardens are becomingly widely accepted and sought after in the culinary industry. Chefs, restaurant owners and workers are seeing the incredible benefits of having a garden located within their location either away from visibility of guests or directly amidst them. The following are some reasons why restaurant gardens may just be the smartest way to go in the future upcoming years.




 Extremely Cost Effective


Even with bulk orders being shipped in on a daily or weekly basis at a decent price hail in comparison to the estimated costs of installing an on-site garden. With the options to even further lower costs by using reduced energy and stormwater management, the restaurant garden will in many ways quickly pay for itself. Not only do costs go down, but profit margins increase, with customers willing to pay extra for homegrown produce.


A Growing Market Strategy


More and more people are turning to organic produce. Being able to market directly to the millions of people included in this organic community will only make for increased sales and a much more positive PR for the restaurant. Restaurants who stick to a specific target consumer typically succeed much better than those who do not. With nonGMO products ranging from fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, spinach and so much more, customers are almost guaranteed to drive further just to be able to enjoy such a quality array of foods.



Creates a Flexible Menu


For chefs, those who are creating molecular type cuisine as well as those making ethnic and culture-specific foods, a restaurant garden allows for them to create unique, diverse and authentic meals for their customers. Planting new seeds of fresh produce will help to keep the menu alive, rotating and always new for incoming customers to enjoy. Being able to post new updates on social media or physically at the restaurant will keep the returning customers and even draw in new ones as well.




Lowers Carbon Footprint


In addition to reducing urban pollution, particularly in the West, restaurant gardens help to lower their carbon footprint on earth. With no more shipping or long distant driving to and from grocery stores, polluted cities will hopefully see a decrease in pollution and an overall better atmosphere for all. A restaurant that is able to truthfully claim their efforts in lowering their carbon footprint in our world creates a better sense of respect amongst the community and its customers.


Adds a Unique Beauty


If there is a restaurant garden fully or even partially visible and amidst guests who are dining within the restaurant, there is enormous opportunity to create a stunningly beautiful atmosphere that guests will undoubtedly enjoy. Lush greenery and lovely aromas filling either roof tops, patios or courtyards give the guests an incredibly unique feel that is both pleasurable to the eye and the overall ambiance of the place.





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